Monday, August 5, 2013

Pier 8 with two friends

These fresh and breezy days have been perfect as far as the weather is concerned and I have taken full advantage of them, neglecting duties at home up to a point and just enjoying the long holiday weekend.

It all started on Friday night just after I got in from the mall.  My friend Mohammad called me and asked me to join him at Pier 8.  I don't mind last minute invitations when they are from good friends so I hopped on the free bus and went down there.  He was with his friend Sami and we all had a lovely time chatting.  They both speak Arabic as well as English.

One is from Egypt and the other is from Syria.

We spent most of the time at Williams Coffee Pub as Mohammad was not well.

Saturday, I went myself down to Pier 8 to read and met some friends down there, one of which is from St. Paul's.  It seems that Mohammad left a message on my cell phone telling me that he and Sami were coming down which apparently they did but we missed each other.  I took the 6:30 bus home.

The next day, we all went down together!  It was very enjoyable and I have found a favourite spot where it is not so crowded.

A view from the less populated side

School children's art

Sami and Mohammad 

It was my first time of meeting Mohammad's friend Sami on Friday night and I thought he was a nice gentleman.

Disability will not get us down!

Mohammad (standing) Sami
Sami was very generous and went and got the three of us cake at Williams Coffee Pub which was absolutely delicious!

New friends

He must have been wanting to say something when Mohammad snapped this

Roller skating rink at Pier 8

Same place

It was wonderful to watch the roller skating.  There were some marvellous skaters there!  There was older people as well as young children skating to music.  As a child, I had roller skates and enjoyed skating very much.  I took some notes to write a poem about the skating so we will see how that works out.

A serene pictures at dusk 

On the way back to catch the bus home

Some of the many yachts at Pier 8
It was a lovely way to pass a good time - enjoying people watching, writing, eating and chatting.

What more could anybody want?

Thanks for dropping by.

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