Sunday, August 25, 2013

A lovely evening

Sami invited the three of us for supper at his place.  He had prepared an enormous amount of food and was a gracious host.

Mohammad,Cyndie and I enjoyed every morsel of it and we spent the rest of the time conversing on various subjects which was nice.

Sami's English is more than I thought he has so that is great but he still would benefit from further lessons.

Sami and Cyndie walked me home after 11 p.m. It was a late night for me, but most enjoyable.

His cooking is delicious and I enjoyed everything which he served.  Not too spicy for me, which I was a little nervous about.

On another note, from the night before, we all were at Pier 8 and I took some pictures at twilight.

Soon Pier 8 will not be accessible unless you drive.  The little free bus stops labour day weekend so I shall miss going there very much.

Thankfully there is still Princess Point.  I would love to go to Bayfront Park but the walk up the hill to the Number 4 bus is a little too much for me in the warm weather.  Perhaps in the fall I will go.

Thanks for dropping by.

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