Tuesday, January 15, 2013

This and that.....

Lately I have been busy designing and making new jewellery which I love to do.  Not only is it good to work with one's hands but to use the imagination in a different way than in writing.

What am I trying to say here?  I seem to be able to do only one creative avenue at a time.  Right now, I am designing jewellery and my writing is "on hold".

I haven't written a poem nor worked on a short story for quite some time, but I will get back into that again when I have designed enough so there is a wide choice of jewellery for the party.  I am also selling on line now at Shoplocket. 

Shoplocket is a firm out of Toronto, Ontario which my son set up for me.  So far, it has been easy enough for me to use and people seem to be looking at my designs.  I have not figured out yet how they see them, as basically I think Shoplocket offers a vehicle to display what you have to sell and to receive payment and the seller (in this case me) does the marketing via e-mail, tweet or Facebook.  I cannot use the e-mail part because I cannot see the caption properly.  I must e-mail or call them to see if they have a solution for that. They are such nice young people that I don't mind asking.

That is what I understand so far. I'm sure the more I use the site, the more that I will understand it.  For a non-techie person such as myself, it is a good site!

I don't post everything on Facebook as I don't want my "friends" to get tired of it.  I do post them onto my own jewellery blog and also onto this blog.I haven't figured out how to get more exposure for my jewellery blog yet.  It doesn't get as many hits as my writing and publishing blog or this, my personal blog.

It is a new experience for me buying and selling on line.  I have bought on line myself and it seems to work just fine.  I usually buy by Paypal as my son set it up for me.

Times sure have changed, haven't they?  Fifty years ago, as a young twenty year old, I can remember hurrying to the bank to put my cheque in on paydays before they closed at 3 p.m. I remember going at lunchtime and lining up.

Now you can bank through the internet, through banking machines and probably in ways I have no idea about. I can relate so well to those two old fellows talking about modern banking.  I just love that commercial for the TD Bank, don't you?

On another note, I decided to go down to Tundra at Wellington and King to get some leather cording and to see what Peter and Sean have in the way of jewellery tools and findings.  They have expanded significantly since I was last there as Avitar no longer has a storefront and unless one wants to go all the way to Dundas, there is no longer an outlet to buy jewellery findings. 

Now Peter and Sean have some great tools, and also artistic wire and have expanded into carrying more things for jewellery makers. I am so pleased as this way I may not need to order from Toronto so much.   What a delight it was for me to chat with these two fellows and to check out what new things they were carrying.  I always enjoy going into Tundra.  They also make beautiful leather goods themselves and sell them. 

Yesterday was a great day for me, shopping at Tundra and talking with these gentlemen, then picking up something to rework which was left for me at another location.  By the time I got home, I was physically exhausted and had to rest.

I keep forgetting that I am no longer a "Spring chicken"  and sometimes run around like I am still twenty years old!

Unfortunately for me, my body reminds me of that fact!!

On that note, shall end this blog for now.  Hope you have a wonderful day.  Thanks for dropping by.

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