Monday, January 28, 2013

An interesting and beneficial experience

Last night I had another sleep over at the Sleep Disorder Clinic.  DARTS brought me which is fortunate as it is in a difficult place to reach by bus.

I am so fortunate to have DARTS which is the Accessible Transport system here in Hamilton.  They are wonderful.

I had a lovely technician.  She hooked me up just before bedtime and I am glad nobody could see how I looked!  Patches stuck with wires all over the body including the face.

I looked so funny but so did everybody else in the place with the exception of the technicians.

It took a little bit of time to adjust to the machine which fits over your nose and gives oxygen.  It seems I have sleep apnea and my oxygen level is really low.  This machine will help me breath throughout the night.

My lovely technician told me this morning that many people cannot tolerate the mask and just walk out of the session. I am one of the fortunate ones.

I got picked up earlier than expected which was good as the roads were slippery and it was turning to freezing rain as we inched our way along Main Street.

The next step will be a call from a provider who will lend me a unit for two months to see if I can tolerate it.  After that, I have to buy it.

It was a big help to me this machine and now that I know what the problem is, (stopping breathing many times during the night), I will have the solution and life will improve for me.

Without sleep, nothing works.

Thanks for dropping by, it is nice to share such positive news and to know the solution has been reached.


Kate's Blog said...

My mom has the exact same problem, the machine has helped. Great to get some answers and hope the trial of the new machine makes a difference. Kindly Kathy

Wilma Seville said...

Thanks Kathy, I may look weird wearing it but who cares. The main thing is to breath!