Saturday, January 19, 2013

The planning stage

I love planning a party and the anticipation of a good time.  Don't you?  In Toronto I used to have lots of parties when I had a bigger place.  I also would host dinner parties from time to time, especially when the children were younger.

Speaking of parties, sometimes I would make it a potluck party and that was fun as well, because everybody has their own speciality which they cook.  For me, it was more fun to taste other people's cooking! 

However, most of the time, I did it by myself. 

For this party, I am waiting for a quote from my Club to see what nibbles they can prepare for the price I have given them.  It will make it a lot easier on me as I am not getting any younger......

I will make some dishes though which will be "halal" so that all the guests will be able to eat. 

In today's multicultural society (which I love, by the way), one must be mindful of what can be served.

I haven't had a party for two years now so this is my big event.  I already have most of the talent show lined up, two musicians, poets and short story writers and a clown act coming from Toronto.

The party room is booked and the guest list keeps growing. 

It should be lots of fun.

Thanks for dropping by and have a good day.

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