Monday, November 7, 2016

An update again

I cannot say that I am better but I am slowly healing and hopefully will not need an operation on my poor back.

I am resting a lot during the day and have early nights which is good for healing.  I also have been buying home cooked meals from a lady who sells them which has helped me a lot as I cannot stand very long.

I will be ordering some more dinners today and my friend Jeff will pick them up and deliver them to me.  That is very kind of him to do that.  He is a good friend.

My children came down from Kitchener for a day visit and we went to the club for lunch.  It was so great to be there and the children and myself really enjoyed it.  We went for a little walk at Princess Point as well.

Tomorrow, my friend Autumn and I will be taking DARTS (Accessible transportation) to Gage Park for a nice little walk there.

I am so thankful to have DARTS as that is the best way for me to get along now unless I am lucky enough to get a ride with friends.

I went to see my friend Rosie last Sunday and we had a little visit. She has been unwell for a very long time and her son contacted me via email to tell me she was back in the hospital.

It seems that doctors and hospitals are more of a way of life for older folk, but thankfully, in Canada we have a good system (on the main) for hospital and doctor's visits.  We are very fortunate in that respect.  I remember when there was no system and even to go to the doctor was a hardship as it cost money.

I am tired now, thanks for dropping by.

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