Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Am back home now

It has been a long road to recovery due to a fall and spinal injury.  My friend reminded me to post the fact that I am home now so that people will know that.   I have a long way to go yet, but thankfully after three and a half months in the hospital, I am now in my own environment.

My poor cat Gemma was angry with me and would not come near me, even though I had arranged for daily care for her.

Thankfully, now she is back to normal, lying on my bed, sitting with me on my chair and in general just being her own sweet self.

It is hard for me to sit for very long yet and I am on extremely heavy meds so I will make this short.

Thanks for those who kept checking in on the blog when I was gone.

I will try and post from time to time, but as I am not going out much, there won't be a lot to say.

Thanks for dropping in.

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