Saturday, January 9, 2016

Quite a day today!

It was my former mother-in-law's funeral today and we travelled into Toronto and got there just a little before the start of the service.

We hadn't been in Toronto for quite some time and got a little disorientated but finally found Ward's Funeral Parlour on Weston Road.

It was interesting to go through the city from the Lakeshore.  Some parts I had never seen, some familiar.

We arrived at the funeral parlour in time for some photos and then the service began.  I hope to get a picture from the photo taken by a family member.

It was a celebration of Life For Petra Ernesta Rodrigues.  The pastor was amazing, his talk was all in Spanish but I understood most of it.  The younger man did a splendid job of translating as he went along.  No notes for either one of them.  What a gift to have!

There was guitarist and there were several Spanish hymns sung.  It brought back so many memories for me as I used to go with my mother-in-law to the Spanish services from time to time.

I was very impressed.  Elizabeth, one of the granddaughters, spoke eloquently of her Grandmother.  Petra was not only a grandmother, but a great grandmother!

The hardest part for me was to see my former husband.  I had not seen him for forty years.  He gave me a hug and I did not even recognize him until I heard his voice.  He wanted a picture of Ken and I and his sister Monika.  I shall look forward to seeing that picture eventually.

Petra has lived a long life (93 years) and also a good life and now is with God.  She was much loved by her family and friends and the room was almost full - mostly I think from her church.

We left immediately after the service and went on a trip down memory lane, all our old neighbourhood, places with memories and it was great!

On the way into Hamilton, we picked up KFC for supper and we all enjoyed a nice supper together.

I didn't take any pictures although I had my camera with me.

At Ken and Jody's place, I took plenty of pictures of little Eve, Ava the dog and we enjoyed a wonderful time together.

A day of looking back.
Ken and little Eve

Wilma & Eve

What I wore to the funeral today

A happy family

A busy day, full of emotions, mostly good and a nice ending!

Thanks for dropping by.

Hers is a picture from the funeral sent to me by Margarita, a granddaughter of Petra.

Two people born in Canada, two others born in Ecuador.

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