Wednesday, January 20, 2016


 Boots - enjoying the wash basket

Ken's lovely meal

Their Christmas tree

The Chef for Christmas dinner

My monitor went out again and today my son was able to come and fix it, so am back on the computer again.

So much has happened - all good things.  Lunch with my group of friends from Whitehern, lunch with my Kitchener family, a dinner party at another friend's place, wonderful and enriching church services and the general feeling of well being enhanced by the festive air in the city.

I think I will start with pictures of the Kitchener family on December 16th when they came for a visit and to also celebrate their birthdays.

We had a lovely time and the afternoon sped by.  They caught the 5:30 bus back home.

Bill and Anna

Anna in front of the tree at the club
Beside the main tree

I love this fireplace at the Club

Bill in front of Christmas tree at the Club

I took Bill on a miniature tour of the Club

Buffet time with Ken before Christmas at the club
Ken - enjoying the buffet

Between Christmas and New Year's day our little group were invited to one of our member's homes for a lovely Italian luncheon.  She is a fabulous cook and also baker!

Here are some pictures.

I also had a nice time with Rosie and Hermie over the holiday season as well.  

A busy time but very nice.

Thanks for dropping  by and sorry for the delay in posting.  It is now the 20th of January and I am just posting it.

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