Monday, March 16, 2015

What a surprise I got this afternoon when I opened my email!  A friend let me know that the lady who had the 75th birthday party is now in the hospital.

I had sent her an email on the Sunday and told her what a nice party it was but did not hear from her so figured she was just tired out from her party and taking a break.

I never dreamed that she was in the hospital.  I hope to go and see her on Friday or even Thursday if my student cancels due to March break.

It was such a lovely party with many well wishers.  I knew everybody except for two people which was nice.  It was a very good occasion.  Her son Ron had put together a picture show on a DVD and he has told me how to do it.  That will be my next project!  I just loved it. Starting from a small child and life as it carried on was how he did it.  A wonderful idea, I was in several of the shots and as it happens, I had taken quite a few of the pictures that he had chosen.

The grandchildren put on the party but of course, Mom and Dad had a great deal to do with it.

It was good to see so many mutual friends and have the time to chat with them.

Today has been a little frustrating for me, trying to unblock some pictures which are preventing me from sending them through Live Mail.  So far, I have not succeeded even with the help of two lovely people at Cogeco.

My son said he would come at some point and try and fix it.  I wrote down each step in case it did not work and they were all logical steps which I could follow and did follow, but the problem remains.

Perhaps tomorrow will be better on the technical side of things.  I am going to start taking photos with my digital camera of my old childhood photos and young adulthood etc. etc.

It sounds like a great project to pass down to my children eventually.

Thanks for dropping by.

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