Wednesday, March 11, 2015

My latest design in jewellery making

I haven't touched jewellery making for quite some time but now am back into it.

I have a 75th birthday party to go to on Saturday and want to make a necklace to reflect the sweater that I will wear plus, of course, matching earrings.

I just finished another design -chocker length and in pink and tiny stones.  I think it looks very pretty and is for a specific person who chose the colours.

Here is a picture of it.

The tiny stones were a little difficult for me to use but I managed.  I hope the lady will like it.

I have a few nice occasions coming up.  The Women of Distinction Awards Gala at Carmen's Banquet Hall where a friend of mine is a nominee and I have received an invitation. I know two of the ladies who are nominees.  One is my friend Linda and the other is an Iraqi Canadian young woman.

Also the Chairman's Black Tie Event is coming up and I am on the invitees list.  That is very formal. 

I have received an invitation to a Cultural Pot luck from the LI NC programme and will go to that as well.  I went last year and enjoyed it.

Now that the nicer weather is coming (hopefully) I will start going to more places and doing more.

This winter was a very, very cold winter and so I hardly went out except to go to the mall and the library or to grocery shop.

I can hardly wait till the water unfreezes and once again, I can spend time at the wonderful waterfront here in Hamilton.

Thanks for dropping by and have a good day.

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