Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Weather and odds and ends for today

The weather remain remains extremely cold, well below zero.  I did not venture out yesterday but started pulling things out of the little storage room to sort out what I need to keep and what I can give away.  I sure hope my downsizing mood will continue as it will make life simpler for me in the long range plan.

It sure is a lot of work right now though!

Speaking of work, my friend Kevin dropped by to check his emails as his computer is down and he will get a new one within a week.  In the meantime, we had herbal tea and I told him about the good job that was done to put a VHS into DVD.  I mentioned that I had 15 more to have done and he volunteered to do them for me.  Apparently he does this all the time for his own VHS.  I offered to give him money to do this for me, but he said no.

He's going to do all Miss Marple ones and Hercule Pierrot as well as some other favourite ones I just could not part with!  My other videos have gone with Thanh who knows somebody who would appreciate them so that also makes me happy.  I take good care of everything I have so they are all in perfect condition.

Thanh also knows somebody who needs linens and so he took some of them.  I kept enough to last me at least 20 years but likely I will not last that long myself!

Isn't it a strange and sobering thought that most of our possessions, if well made, will outlast us?  I have things from my parents and my aunt and uncle which I cherish.  Every time I see them, I am reminded of my family members.

Speaking of work, my son has agreed to help me move a lady who needs a hand as she is ill.  She just had major surgery and cannot lift anything for two months.  I plan to go up to her current place and help her pack her things within a few days. This will be the third person I have helped with a move, one in Toronto and two here in Hamilton.

Now on to another thing.  Today is my teaching day which I look forward to as she is a lovely lady and we have a lot in common even though she is from another continent originally.

I think I will pass along to her what I learned this morning and, in fact, implemented myself when I made my bed.  A person suggested this in a blog I follow, to put a fleece blanket on top of the bottom sheet where your feet and legs go.  Then put the top sheet and blankets on after that. It will feel cozy and warm when you get into bed rather than ordinary sheets which tend to feel very cold until your own body heat warms the sheets up.  I remember having flannelette sheets as top sheets in winters gone by in Quebec where it is a lot colder.

It will be interested to see how this works. Fleece is a wonderful fabric which does keep people warm.

Aside from that, I don't think there is much else new.  Keep warm and inside as much as you can on these bitter days......

Thanks for dropping by.

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