Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I will continue with downsizing

I have had several people contact me personally since Christmas Day wondering if I was all right as I didn't write much on this blog.

The reason I have not written much was and is, because nothing much of interest is going on for me at the moment.

My time has been spent in "downsizing".  reading books from the library and after my son picked up a DVD player for me, in borrowing DVD's from the library.  I mostly borrow documentaries at this point.

Speaking of downsizing, I had so many VHS tapes which I no longer can play alas, so my neighbour Thanh will take them away for me tonight.  He knows of some places where they might come in useful.

In the meantime, I have gone to have one of my favourite VHS's copied at the photo store (Monsieur Ibrahim) and will get it back on Wednesday. I will have to see how it turns out before I have my Agatha Christie VHS's copied.  It is very expensive to do that and at the same time, I will enquire at Cheapies in downtown Hamilton if they can order DVD's for me of Agatha Christie's work. I also love "Its a Wonderful Life" and "Tale of Two Cities" so they definitely will be copied onto DVD's eventually.

On a cold winter's day, it is so nice to snuggle down in a chair, put on a favourite movie and have a cup of herbal tea once the housework is done.  When you have them at home, it is much easier than borrowing them from the library and having to have them back at the library within a week.  I have borrowed some Miss Marple DVD's already and thoroughly enjoyed them. I am on the waiting list for others as well.  They are very popular at my local library and there is a long wait.

I   also have had the pleasure of finding out that my CD's of my personal pictures can be played on the new DVD player.  I will put more of these digital pictures on CD's and DVD's in time.  It is so delightful to see the pictures on a large screen.  It is almost like one is there at the event.

Alas for me, two years of work on a story I was writing has been destroyed by the touch of a computer button. I did it myself.  A good friend who is excellent on the computer came last night to check it out for me on Word.  He said that it is definitely gone.  My story was almost finished and I liked it. As you can imagine, I am not very happy with this.  .

Luckily for me, I had another copy of a much earlier version and only four pages of it done which means it was only the beginning stages of it,  and so I transferred it to Google Drive.  I started over again and since I know how it has to go, it will be fine.

I wrote a poem many years ago about a love/hate relationship with computers which was published in a Toronto newspaper.  I have finally found it and copied and pasted it to this blog.  It describes my feelings exactly!

A love/hate relationship!

I have a love/hate relationship
Not with a person but a machine
This monster drives me around the bend
Can you guess which machine I mean?

It has a screen within a frame
A button to make it spring alive
At my house its home is on a desk
It brings both good and evil from within

There are times I think there’s a gremlin inside
Waiting to spring a big surprise
On a poor unsuspecting fool as I
Who lives in hope that my e-mails get through

Some days I win, others it does
I vow to keep at it until I succeed
In taming the gremlins who live inside
My enemies who make me cry.

Oh computer, my enemy, my friend
When will you learn that I’m in charge
For better or for worse
We’re stuck with each other.


On that note, shall post this blog.  Thanks for dropping by.

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