Monday, September 16, 2013

Time spent at Crieff Hills Conference Center

I met Carmen and Wally at St. Paul's and we drove up to the conference centre which is near the little town of Crieff.  It was a lovely drive even though the weather was threatening.

I love their new car, a very nice blue.

People drifted in at various times during the afternoon with a variety of food to contribute to the pot luck.  I made couscous salad with vegetables, corned beef, onions and raisins in it.I also brought some Four O'clock herbal tea to share with others.  One of the young ladies loves herbal tea and this one is a delightful mix of cinnamon and other herbs.  It made the cottage where we stayed smell beautiful and welcoming.

Each year we rent the same cottage which is quite rustic and has a fireplace.

We started off with nibbles and dips which people seemed to enjoy and by 6 p.m. we were all ready to eat. One of the couples had even purchased fresh corn!

The young people had some games outside and a small group of folk went for a walk to the maze and the prayer chapel.

We had a wonderful variety of food, perogies with sour cream, spaghetti, green salad, lasagna, bread buns, apples, cupcakes, apple  and lemon meringue pie and other things which I cannot think of right now.

A veritable feast!

After super, people  began to gradually make their way home.    It was an enjoyable afternoon with good conversation and good food. The rain started as we made our way home.

Thanks for dropping by.

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