Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Enough excitement for today and all week!

I went with Sami to have his language assessment and now he is enrolled in an LINC programme near his home twice a week.

After that, I took him to Whitehern to enjoy the peaceful garden,or so I anticipated.

We were talking and we heard loud arguing and cursing so I went for a walk along the garden path to see what the problem was.  It turned out that it was a bunch of young people arguing and shoving each other but on the other side of the fence so I thought that they would stay there.

Instead, they brought their arguments inside into the garden and it got progressively worse.  They didn't see me as I hid my cell phone behind my purse and when the two girls got into a fist fight and started rolling on the ground, I called for the police.

Their so called "friends" were egging them on and even one girl was taking a picture with her phone.

Sami and I continued to talk but with our eyes on the young people. Before the police could arrive, the young men ran away and then the two fighting girls also.

I stayed behind to wait for the police and told them what happened.  They took a report and I told them that I had heard a woman come from the YWCA residence to tell the girls that they could be heard all the way over there.  I surmise that the two girls live there.

Even the young Muslim boy and girl were afraid and the young boy sheltered her in his arms. Bet their parents did not know they were meeting!  They were teenagers and probably had just gotten out of school and thought this would be a quiet place for them to meet.

It was two policewomen who came and they were fantastic.  They had not even known that this garden existed so I filled them in on some of the history of the place.

I stayed and read for a little while and then walked home.

It is a real shame that people can spoil such a beautiful and wonderful spot, which should be an oasis of peace in the down town core.

Thanks for dropping by.

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princess-anna said...

I hope they found the people who argued and it must have been upsetting and scary