Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday morning's this and that

Tonight will be something to look forward to.  It is Family Night at the Club and I have invited a family with two children and the parents. 

It is a new experience for them as they have never been to the Club.  I know that they will be warmly welcomed. 

We got our new Club Directory in the mail today and my name is in it.  Next year, I suppose I will be added to the list of members which is framed and hung on a wall in the office.

I also am being featured as a new member in the Spring newsletter which will be nice.  It will enable me to meet more people and they will know who I am as there will be a picture and a brief bio with it.

I spend a lot of time at the Club, especially when it is quiet.  I just read and relax there and see people if they come in.  It is nicer than sitting alone at home and it gets me away from the phone and the computer for a little while. 

I had entertained an elderly friend there on Wednesday with coffee and sweets.  She was most impressed with the place,the atmosphere and the wonderful service not to mention the lovely piece of pie she had and the delicious cup of coffee.  She would like to come again some time for lunch.  The Club now has a way that guests of members can pay for themselves.

As it happened. later on they were getting ready for a fundraiser for ABC'S and Rice.  I will write about the event as soon as the organizers send me some more information.  This young lady who has started this amazing programme is Canadian and her school is in Cambodia where she takes in children who have less then nothing.

Enough said about that right now.I watched the staff setting up everything, they moved heavy chairs and tables, cleaned the floors and put on the table cloths and modesty panels on the tables.  I have been at weddings at the Yacht Club as well as other nice functions there, at Carmen's Banquet Hall and some high end Italian restaurants and they certainly hold their own! I was most impressed.  The staff are all hard working people, and they seem to work as a team which will make any organization function well!

All in all, I am very glad that I joined the Hamilton Club and I feel very much at home there.

Thanks for dropping by and have a good day. 

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Kate's Blog said...

We had a wonderful time at the club last night. The staff were so friendly, the food was delicious. I think my girls were wonderfully behaved as well. Thanks for the invitation. The Fruck Family