Sunday, April 15, 2012

A delightful time for Family Night at the Club

We got the royal treatment and my friends were absolutely delighted, as was I.

Since we were the only group for Family Night, we were very spoiled.  Jacqualine took us for a tour, and then Michael, the chef, took us further up into the lovely club.

I have found a ladies room which I plan to use when I just come to read or relax. It is wonderful.  Better lighting as well and the back stairs go up to it and are easier for me to negotiate.

At one time, ladies had their own section in the club.  I believe it changed in 1960 and both men and women were able to mingle more.

My guests at the club for Family Night

I like this shot the best, better lighting. It was upstairs in one of the many rooms.

The Den where the first shot was taken is a lovely spot, but not particularly great for my dear little camera!

After our tour and the interesting chat with both Michael and Jacqualine, we all went to the Main dining room and had a delicious dinner.

In the Michael Schwenger Dining Room
 It was a wonderful evening and I am so glad that my guests were able to share the time with me at such a lovely venue.

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