Sunday, April 1, 2018

Easter Sunday

I had so looked forward to going to St. John's today as it is not only Easter but the Sunday service which starts at 11 a.m.

Also my son had invited me for dinner but alas, both those plans have fallen through as I have some type of miserable virus which will not let go.  I would have loved to have gone.  However, I have no appetite at all and this has been for several days now.

In order to amuse mysellf, I have been concocting different recipes for essential oils.  I am now trying one out  with lemongrass, lavendar and tea tree oil plus apple cider vinegar and water.  It is a spray on deodorant.  I made one before with just lemongrass and lavendar and it worked quite well, but I forgot to write down the recipe so had to search for another one.

My friend Asma called and wanted to visit me from Toronto tomorrow but alas, that also has to fall through as I sure don't want her to catch this silly virus, We had a lovely long talk on the phone though and once I am better, we will get together. Hopefully the weather will be warmer then so we can go down to the waterfront.

My friend Mohamed arrived safely in Chicago and each day he sends me a message so I know that he is doing fine with his sisters and brother.  They are celebrating his 75th birthday. 

I continue to work on the family tree and find it fascinating!  Through my son, who found another with his exact name through Facebook, we have been in contact and it is wonderful to find more relatives.  They live in  St. Albert, Alta.   We are all connected by a great grandfather and great grandmother and we even have their pictures and marriage certificate.

The sad thing is that I met one of my relatives in Dundas at a concert many years ago, but he did not know his family history and he has now died.  The Alta. family know of him as they met him and his parents and siblings when they did a cross country tour.

I did print of his obit in the Spec though so it will go in the family tree history.

I continue to cat sit Ali Cat - it must be at least 3 or 4 weeks now.  There still is no decision yet by the doctors when my friend can come home if at all.   Ali Cat is so lonely so I may just have to bring her upstairs, but Gemma and her do not like each other.  I have tried before and Gemma just stays in my room and won't come out. Ali Cat is more the dominant cat unfortunately and it is Gemma's forever home.

It is a little problem for me but in the meantime, I have asked the family to try and find a family member who will take the cat in until and if  my friend is allowed home.  Her suster Jeff from England called this morning and we chatted for a few minutes.

That is about all the news for now.  Have a wonderful and Blessed Easter.

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