Sunday, January 7, 2018

A summary of some of the wonderful events in Decembe 2017

I am writing this on January 1st, 2018.  We had some excitement in our building this afternoon. the firebells went off, the firemen came in, a man was taken out on a stretcher and the fire people were here for a very long time. The fire was on the 4th floor and I heard it was a frying pan which caught fire.  I could smell the smoke up here on the 9th floor even.  I have a friend on the 4th floor and she was told to keep her door tightly closed and not come out.  I called to make sure she was okay and she was, fortunately.  She is about ten years older than I am.

Let's get back to December's news.  The club event was very nice, but there was only four of us gals. Jeff was sick, Mohamed had a bridge game, Andre is out of town, and Ruby and Joanne were sick.  We had a lovely time though in spite of their being less people.

Part of our group for our Christmas luncheon.

Many of us are missing due to the flu.

The next event was also at the club - a lovely buffet  and I invited my son to come along.  We had a nice time and he was able to help me afterwards with some paper work for the government and he sent it all in via email so hopefully I will get an answer soon.  That was about two weeks ago.

Our lovely Christmas tree at the club
Christmas in the lounge at the club
                                           In the lounge where Henry Strong plays each Wednesday.

Here is a picture of my son Ken at the club.

The little train that runs at Gore Park in downtown Hamilton, Ontario
The Manger scene at Gore Park
The mail box to mail things for Santa Claus
Daniela at our Christmas tree in the building
Part of the lobby decorated for Christmas
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the manger scene at Gore Park

Me in the dining room at the club

If these wonderful events were not enough, my friend Linda treated me to two tickets to the Hamilton Philamonic Orchestra and I invited one friend but he was sick so I invited my friend Dani and we had a lovely time.  The music was wonderful and very festive.

Decemnber has always been a special month to me as my daughter was born in the middle of December.  I remember trudging up the hill to get to the Royal Victoria Hospital so that she could be born.  It was a life changing experience, especially three days later when my body ran into difficulties with hemoraging.  It was then that I walked on the lighted path and had the near death experience which was the best thing that ever happened to me.  It made me a better person, more understanding and more compassionate.  It coloured the rest of my life and I am most greatful to have had this experience.

Now onto other things.  I was supposed to go to visit Andrew and Rahel in Woodstock but I had a really bad bout of vertigo and slammed into my metal front door with my shoulders.  Fortunately, I was able to stop myself from falling by hanging on to the door knob.  It was a very frightening experience as I had no control of my body at all.

Once I coiuld feel well enough to stop clinging to the door knob, I sat for half a hour and did nothing.  I felt week for the rest of the day.

In the meantime, I have had some minor vertigo episodes since then but I am finding that putting a little peppermint oil under my nose and breathing it is, seems to help.

Due to this episode, I could not go plus the little girl was sick with pneumonia and the hospital told her parents to keep her away from anybody who was elderly or very young.

We will have to make it another time.  On Christmas Eve, Mohamed and I went to the early service where there were 350 people in attendance.  At the 7 p.m. service, there were only 30.  Families come from all over to be with their elderly parents and that is why there were so many in the church.  It was a wonderful event. By the time we got out, the snow was really coming down and Mohamed called for a taxi for which I was glad.  I had only brought my cane as we went by taxi as well. 

To round off the wonderful month of December Ken had invited me for Christmas dinner and that was very enjoyable as well.  On the Wednesday, Joanne, one of our group, invited us for lunch and we had such a good time there. Stayed until four p.m.  Asma was supposed to come on the 28th but she was sick so we postponed it.

As you can see, it was a rather busy December but all nice except for the vertigo problem.

Thanks for dropping by and I hope you all will have a very nice New Year.


princess-anna said...

what a nice note you wrote mom you are special

Wilma Seville said...

Thank you for your comment Princess-anna. I just checked my blog posts right now.