Saturday, March 18, 2017

This and that

I haven't had anything much going on in the past few weeks so had nothing to say.

I meant good things going on!

I somehow caught the Norfolk virus and was quite sick for about five days but thankfully am back to normal now.

I did see a family from Montreal who was visiting in Hamilton.  I have known this family since my daughter was born which is over 50 years.  It was so wonderful to spend time with them at Jackson Square.

The girls left their Mom and I to chat while they went window shopping, then we all met for lunch at the food court.

I am so blessed to have friends who mean so much to me.  Trudy and her girls are like family to me.

I love having my long distance plan so that I can call without worrying about the cost.  I call friends and family in Montreal, Toronto, Lachine, Cape Breton and Langley.  That and the internet, particularly facebook, keep me in regular contact with people which I like.

I also have two friends in the United States that I talk to.  One of them, goes back to when we were 14 or 15 years of age, so you can see that it is a very long and good friendship.

Weatherwise here in Hamilton, there has been a lot of snow - about 35 cm in the last week and it has started to snow again.


I am longing to smell the flowers, walk by the water and just sit outside and read.  Not much to ask but still too early yet I am afraid.

Spring and Fall weather are more to my liking that the hot and humid summers we get here.  We had some really spring like weather and some of the early flowers got confused and poked their little heads up out of the ground.  Alas, the storm came and I would assume that they did not make it.

This winter, I have stayed in mostly except to go grocery shopping or to borrow tons of books from the library.  Once a month, six of us get together for lunch and fellowship at different restaurants in Hamilton.  Over the years, we have developed a very close friendship which is wonderful.

My son put in Roku for me and Acorn TV and Netflix and I really am enjoying it very much.  It is so much cheaper than cable.  I can watch the local news on my computer at six p.m. and I can borrow DVD's from the library of the two programmes I absolutely enjoy each weekday.  Little House on the Prairie and also The Waltons.

I love their  good values portrayed and neighbour helping neighbour.  I think we need to go back to that lifestyle (in a more modern way obviously) and rethink this rat race which is the modern way of rushing through life after the almighty dollar.

In the long range plan, all that will matter is the relationship to others and to the animals we cherish and to mother earth and our care of her.  We cannot take our money when we die, Even in old age, money will not buy happiness.  Though, money will help you get into a better retirement residence if that is the lifestyle you would like.  I personally prefer to remain in my home as long as I can cope.

Of course, the most important relationship is our relationship to the Creator as we are stewards on this earth and thus, have a reponsibility to keep it in good condition.

The snow has stopped now and perhaps I can get out for a breath of fresh air. Sure hope so.

Thanks for dropping by.

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