Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Little by little, I am getting there

My second bed rail arrived yesterday and was installed.  I almost missed him as I was downstairs with my walker getting my mail when he arrived.

Luckily we connected.  It is wonderful to have these bed rails - makes life so much easier especially at this time.  I am still a long way off from being back to normal and have to pace myself in doing things even around the house.

I am thankful to have these bed rails and that they are available for trial and then purchase if it goes through CCAC.  I will buy them as they will be good to have at this age and onward.

My apartment is beginning to look a little better but there still is a lot to get done.  Nothing spectacular just the normal daily events but they take longer than usual.

Today seems to be a dull day but thankfully I have a cozy little home, food on the table and good friends and family.

What more can a person need?

Thanks for dropping by.  Not much is going on until I can get out and about.....

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